About Nicola

My name is Nicola Matthews, I have been working in front line alopecia and cancer services for many years and also supporting and helping all walks of life with range of various reasons for clients seeking alternative hair solutions.

Coming from a hairdressing background, I fell into the wig fitting business not knowing that I was not only starting a career that I loved and felt extremely passionate about, I truly was lucky enough to find my vocation in life.

I spent many years in NHS local wig contract and loved my time in this much needed service. I created Lemonade Wigs as I felt that in Northern Ireland our alternative hair services were, dated and so behind the times of what the rest of the world was doing. I strongly believe that hair loss should be normalized and celebrated, a trip to a wig salon should be as normal as a trip to a hairdressing salon.

About Us

At Lemonade Wigs are company ethos is built on trust and friendship, we believe that all our clients should be treated with respect, integrity and be given total privacy. As an alternative hair loss company, our mission is to normalize the alternative hair loss experience and embrace it. This experience should be  relaxed and our clients are encouraged to bring family and friends along to their appointments. We believe our job is to completely alleviate the stress of hair loss.


Why are we different? At lemonade wigs we are fully trained hairdressers, with full wig specialist training, we custom colour  human hair wigs, and can colour to all the most current pastel tones.

 We specialize in human hair and mixed fiber hair as these are the most realistic and lightweight products available, and an amazing range of synthetic wigs.  I believe in supplying the best products as I want my clients to have access to the most update current alternative hair products. We cut and style all wigs, and like our clients to feel that they are getting the most realistic personalized match to their biological hair. 
I offer a free consultation, if you are planning an appointment please book in advance as I work on appointment basis as I like to make sure all my clients are getting one to one personal care that is totally private.  
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